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                                 2021 update

       due to covid 19 some dates may be cancelled
       i will post on Facebook  
      colm/spade mcquade @facebook


vooswar Mayport 29th 8-10

fionn maccools 30th 8pm

lynchs 31st 6-9 


vooswar Mayport ​5th 8-10

lynchs 6th 6pm

iggys 7th 1-4pm

stout snug 7th 8pm

vooswar 12th 8-10

meehans 13th 9pm

Donovans 14th 7pm

vooswar Mayport 19th 8-10

strings brewery 20th 7pm

Mayport trucks gig 21st 12-2pm

ann omalleys 21st 8pm

vooswar 26th 8pm

lynchs 27th 6pm 

flys tie 28th 10pm

meehans 29th 6pm


lake lure NC rumbling bald resort 02/03/04

vooswar 9th 8pm

lynchs 10th 6pm

meehans 11th 9pm

meehans 12th 6pm

vooswar 16th 8pm

strings 17th 7pm

ann omalleys 18th 8pm

meehans 24th 9pm

private party 25th 6pm

vooswar 30th 8pm


lynchs 1st 6pm 

stout snug 2nd 8pm

vooswar 7th 8pm

magnolia point 8th 7pm

meehans 9th 9pm

meehans 10th 6pm 

vooswar 14th 8pm

strings 15th 7pm

svr party 16th 8pm

vooswar 21st 8pm

lynchs 22nd 6pm 

ann omalleys 23rd 8pm

vooswar 28th 8pm

meehans 29th 9pm

lynchs 30th 6pm 


lynchs 05th 6pm 

porchfest 6th tba

meehans 7th 6pm

magnolia point 12th 7pm

wicked barley 13th 3-6pm

stout snug 13th 8pm

strings 19th 7pm

ann omalleys 20th 8pm

lynchs 26th 6pm

lynchs 27th 10pm

meehans 28th 6pm


lynchs 3rd 6pm

porcfest palatka 4th tba

meehans 5th 6pm

lynchs 10th 6pm

stout snug 11th 8pm

strings 17th 7pm 

ann omalleys 18th 8pm

flys tie 24th 10pm

meehans 26th 6pm

      more details email